The Story of Alia Sultan

The land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, from Mesopotamia to Lebanon, is the place where the first civilization of humanity was created.

In this area where today's Turkey, Iraq, and Syria are located, agriculture was practiced for the first time, irrigation was built for the first time, writing was invented here for the first time in the world, and the Sumerian civilization was established here.

We are in love with the Mesopotamian lands and their treasured contributions to humanity. We are home to many fascinating cultures and historical heritage.

Many valued coffee varieties and beverages have existed in the ancient lands that have been consumed by the local people for thousands of years. Alia Sultan presents these delicious and healthy products to the whole world by using modern production methods and producing them in hygienic conditions.

Turkish coffee with a 500-year-old history, Terebinth (Menengic) coffee which fascinates people with its unique aroma, and Ottoman (Dibek) coffee prepared with various ingredients and flavors are some of them.

Alia Sultan products are consumed with appreciation by consumers in a wide geography from France to Russia, from South Korea to India, and the USA.

We use premium quality coffee beans and real spices during the production of our coffees.

Türk Kahvesi

We are the people of Mesopotamia! Alia Sultan was founded by the Arnas family, which has been producing agriculture in Mesopotamia for 350 years, and it reflects the experience gained over the years on the production process. Being aware of the importance of the land for people and humanity, the Arnas family continues to show the necessary value and care to the land without ever leaving the motto of its ancestors.

Arnas Agro offers you many different products from 100% natural olive oil obtained from high-quality olives by cold pressing method to expertly roasted Turkish coffee.

Our products are not limited to the food sector only. Arnas Agro offers many different soap types produced using natural methods from high-quality vegetable oils, with the quality difference of The Soap Factory.

We will continue to produce our products with care and be worthy of our consumers' appreciation with the enthusiasm of the first day and years of experience.